Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Virtual Write In/Draw In

Join us for an afternoon of writing together over Zoom!

Persephone Jayne will get us started with a 15 minute guided meditation: Be the Guiding Light in your Writing Ritual

Get your head, your heart, and your entire mental state ready for writing, creating and producing with Persephone’s guided meditation. During this ritual, Persephone will guide you into a space where you and your book(s) are a shining light. She’ll show you how to shift your perspective to one of love and brilliance. Thus allowing you to find the motivation you need and want to get creating!

And then we’ll get down to the business of creating, splitting into different zoom rooms of your choosing: The Quiet Car (Shhhh…no talking!), The Exercise Room (Need a creative boost? Having trouble getting started? Warm up with a few exercises! We’ll have a new writing and drawing prompt every 30 minutes), The Pomodoro Room (Need help finding your focus? The Pomodoro room will have 25 minute timed working sessions with 5 minute breaks in between), The Break Room (Have something to share? Feel like chatting with fellow creatives? Take a break!)