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Virtual Book Launch: July & August

Madelyn Rosenberg, author
Wendy Wan-Long Shang, author
Scholastic Press, July 2020

Lauren and her best friend, Tara, have always done absolutely everything together. So when they don’t have any classes together in sixth grade, it’s disastrous. The solution? Trying out for the school play. Lauren, who loves to sing, wonders if maybe, just maybe, she will be the star instead of Tara this time.

But when the show is cast, Lauren lands in the ensemble, while Tara scores the lead role. Their teacher explains: Lauren just doesn’t look the part of the all-American girl. What audience would believe that she, half-Jewish, half-Chinese Lauren, was the everygirl star from Pleasant Valley, USA?

From amidst the ensemble, Lauren tries to support her best friend. But when she can’t bring herself to sing anymore, her spot in the play and her friendship are in jeopardy. With the help of a button-making business, the music of Patsy Cline, and her two bickering grandmothers, can Lauren find her voice again?

“A nearly pitch-perfect middle school exploration of race and friendship.” Kirkus

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Hannah Barnaby, author
Anoosha Syed, illustrator
Holt Books for Young Readers, July 2020

When Monster (who lives under the bed) meets Boy (who sleeps in the bed), Boy starts to scream—and Monster promptly swallows him. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Told with a warm, cozy voice, the story is brought to life with adorable two-color illustrations. Filled with adventure and humor, this chapter book is perfect for sharing with kids just aging out of picture books and for newly independent readers.

“No need to be afraid of monsters after reading this sweet and unusual friendship story.” –Starred Kirkus Review

“Barnaby’s text hits just the right notes, from Max’s initial uneasiness about Sam to his joyful acceptance of his friend’s differences.” –Booklist

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Hannah Barnaby, author
Anne Wilsdorf, illustrator
HMH Books for Young Readers, July 2020

There’s something strange about the new kid, Sam—though Max can’t quite put his finger on it. But EVERYONE else in his class is invited to Max’s birthday sleepover, so his mom invites Sam too. Sam is just as strange at the party as he is at school: he’s wary of the full moon, prefers his hamburgers rare, and can’t help but bite the other kids during an innocent game of Twister. But despite his initial hesitation, Max discovers that what makes us different is actually what makes us special, and that new friends can come in all shapes, sizes, and species . . .

This charming and pitch-perfect story will teach young readers all about the excitement of making new friends, and learning from our differences.

“Some well-written, lightweight fun with a little deductive reasoning thrown in.” — School Library Journal

“Barnaby’s text hits just the right notes, from Max’s initial uneasiness about Sam to his joyful acceptance of his friend’s differences.” — Booklist

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Kimberly Norman, author
Jay Fleck, illustrator
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, July 2020

The ghosts went floating,
one by one,
BOO-rah BOO-rah
when Halloween had just begun.
BOO-rah BOO-rah
The ghosts went floating, one by one,
so why don’t YOU come join the fun?


Trick-or-treat with ghosts, skeletons, witches, zombies, and all sorts of cute and creepy creatures in this fun-filled Halloween counting adventure. Inspired by the children’s song The Ants Went Marching and involving early math concepts, this book is a spooktacular adventure perfect for Halloween.

“[A] winner of a holiday-themed counting book. . .The rhymes read and scan deliciously well and develop vocabulary wonderfully by utilizing nifty words to describe the characters’ movements and behaviors as the creatures and count-along proceed. . .The humorous, extremely child-appealing illustrations are set against mostly dark red, blue, and purple backgrounds lit by a full moon, as befits the occasion. . .No trick: Count this one as a real Halloween treat.” –Starred Kirkus Review

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L.M. Elliott, Author
Katherine Tegen Books, August 2020

For those who have ever felt out of place, this affirming and heartwarming book tells a powerful story of the American South, the love of a dog, and the power of music. Perfect for fans of Maxi’s Secrets and How to Steal a Dog, and for anyone who’s ever loved a dog.

Whip-smart Ariel doesn’t fit in. Only in the winds of the Blue Ridge Mountains and spring storms that mirror the unhappiness she feels at home.

Her brother understands her, but he’s in Afghanistan. Her father hasn’t been the same since George deployed. Her mother focuses on Ariel’s gorgeous sister. When Gloria is selected to be an Apple Blossom Parade princess, Ariel feels even more the outsider and takes to the hills.

There, during a raging storm, Ariel finds a lost dog who leads her to the safety of a cabin and Sergeant Josie, a former Army K-9 handler. Together—with music, dog-dancing, and a storm-child-crazy plan—the three outcasts find themselves.

In this whimsical tale of self-discovery, L. M. Elliott captures the flavor of Virginia’s hunt country and Appalachia, while exploring definitions of beauty and belonging. Storm Dog will make readers proud to dance to their own rhythms.

“An entertaining tale of angst, good dogs, and satisfying achievement.” -Kirkus

Visit L.M.’s author page for Ariel’s playlist, booklist, info about military work dogs, a sneak peak, and more, HERE.

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